BAD BOY DISCO (working title)

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What do we do when someone we’ve looked up to turns out to be a Bad Boy? Can we still enjoy their art? Isn’t it a shame we’ll never know who wrote Father Ted? These are just some of the questions CB4 Theatre are out to answer in their new production.

By taking a deep dive into the darkest depths of social media, celebrity and fandom, four friends are hoping to find out how to navigate a world where your heroes aren’t who you thought they were.


Bad Boy Disco (working title) is currently in initial R&D phase, working with interviews with a broad spectrum of people who have loved an artistic product and been let down by the creator, as well as personal anecdotes from the company. The show blends DIY theatre making with technological experimentation, using online platforms to allow the audience their say in who should be classed the baddest of the bad boys. 


Are you a fan of a creative product and have found out that the creator is ‘problematic’? How has is changed your relationship with the thing? 

Can you separate the art from the artist?

We would love to talk to you.

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