Times are hard and there is a lot to be anxious/sad/angry about, The latter rightfully so.


We’ve been thinking about how we exist as a company during these times; with no venue, no funding, just ourselves. At our core we’re a company who want to share people’s stories.

During these weird times we can’t lose sight of the small things that make us happy, the small victories we achieve every day when it seems we are unable to achieve anything else. So we want to hear from everyone; what’s something that’s made you happy recently?

It can be big, it can be small. But tell us the things that you’ve experienced that has made this heavy times a little lighter. Maybe you baked something tasty, maybe you spent time on Skype with a great pal, maybe you finished that book you’ve been meaning to for ages.

We’re not sure if we’re going to do anything more with these Nice Things than just RT & spread some small joys around. Maybe we’ll read some out, maybe we won’t. But we want to be here to remind people that the small things are important, and you deserve to celebrate them.


Let us know on our social media channels;




Or email us here.


Thanks to everyone who sent in their Little Nice Things to us. It was heart warming to read them all and reminded us to treasure the small moments.

We were inspired by you all so made one of those fancy word cloud things, and did workshop exercises to help stimulate our creativity. Maybe we'll share what we've made, maybe not, but we think it's important to exercise your creative brain during these times. So if you're inspired, as we are, by words like CHEESE and TOGETHER, let us know what you create!

Our producer Alice had a go at writing some poetry things on the subject of MADE/FAMILY, check it out on the gallery to the left.

Thanks all, and keep your little victories coming in.

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