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Artwork credit: Mark Taylor

Please don't sue us Matt Groening and Tim Burton

The Itchy and Scratchy Night is a new Cardiff based scratch night for artists and companies to Try New Stuff Out, whilst also getting paid - what a concept.

We believe in the power of play and so welcome artists who could value some time and space to experiment and try something new. Each night we showcase a lineup of fab artists in front of a gorgeously supportive audience, and it's pretty great.

We've hosted two sold out nights so far, with more planned for the future - so watch this space and/or give us some money so we can keep supporting independent artists.


Previous shows:

WHERE: The Other Room at Porter’s Cardiff
WHEN: Sat 16 Sep 2023 @ 7pm
WHO: Jeremy Linnell, Chris (Neilismydad), Rachel Helena Walsh, Sophia Karpaty, Aled Gomer & Helen Cattle.

WHERE: The Other Room at Porter’s

WHEN:   Sat 16 Dec @ 6.30pm

WHO:  Eveangeleis Tudball, Sophie Warren, Chris (Neilismydad), CB4 Theatre

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