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Artwork credit: Mark Taylor

Please don't sue us Matt Groening 



‘Cause our first Itchy and Scratchy Night of 2024 is ready to be delivered at a BRAND NEW VENUE. And, because we are indeed in the land of song, you’re invited to stick around for our KARAOKE AFTER PARTY. It’s gonna be a good one! 🍻🎤


WHERE: Porter’s 2.0 Barrack Lane
WHEN: Sat 13 July 2024 @ 7pm
WHO: Possibly you!


Following two sold out nights in 2023, we’re back to welcome artists who could value some time and space to experiment and try out something new.

This will culminate in a night where our lovely artists can showcase their​ work in front of a gorgeously supportive audience and this time why not stick around for a good old singsong for our Karaoke afterparty as we bring wall to wall bangers to Porter’s Barrack Lane.


 Artists will get £50 per slot, slots are 10 mins, with some time to rehearse in the space  beforehand.

  • Spaces are limited so we are going to prioritise artists from the Global Majority, LGBTQIA+ artists, working class artists and disabled artists because we want to. 

  • Please note, the event will be held in the main ground floor performance space at Porter’s Barrack Lane, this means that it will be open for any customers to come in and enjoy the event.

  • CB4 also acknowledges that theatre is a very broad spectrum, but this is not a music open mic night - Porter’s already runs a brilliant one on a Tuesday evening that you should deffo go to!


If you are a theatre or performance maker and you have some work in progress you’d like to share, you can apply for a spot here:

If you have previously applied for the night and would like to reapply with the same work, you DO NOT need to refill out the application form, please just drop us an email to re-state your interest.

If you have any issues accessing the form drop us a line on


We got you. No need to book a ticket, just pop along to Porters on the 13th July for 7pm.

​The Itchy and Scratchy Night and karaoke after party will be free to attend.

We’ve also got a fancy new way for you to make contactless/card donations if you’re able to (we do understand we’re in the middle of a cozzy lives though). We’d love it if you could chuck some quids in so we can keep supporting artists.

Diolch and see ya there!

CB4 x


Previous shows:

WHERE: The Other Room at Porter’s Cardiff
WHEN: Sat 16 Sep 2023 @ 7pm
WHO: Jeremy Linnell, Chris (Neilismydad), Rachel Helena Walsh, Sophia Karpaty, Aled Gomer & Helen Cattle.

WHERE: The Other Room at Porter’s

WHEN:   Sat 16 Dec @ 6.30pm

WHO:  Eveangeleis Tudball, Sophie Warren, Chris (Neilismydad), CB4 Theatre

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