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Emily Pearce

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Alice Rush

Hi, we're CB4 Theatre.

We’re a Cardiff based theatre company and when we’re feeling fancy we say we make “DIY autobiographical performance art” but often we just say we are friends messing around while people pay to watch.

We met whilst studying Drama at the University of South Wales and collectively thought “maybe we should do this all the time”. We all went our separate ways but always with the aim of moving back to Cardiff to make some cool performance shit and, essentially, fuck shit up. And that’s where we are right now.

We're inspired by real people and real stories, using performance to connect directly with our audiences and do away with tired theatrical conventions. Who needs a fourth wall? Give us direct participation, we'll give you free
alcohol: deal? Our shows are high energy, silly, often emotional, always fun.

We've made two shows so far. BACK TO BERLIN which sold out it's two runs at The Cockpit in London (Voila Europe Festival 2019) and The Other Room in Cardiff (Spring Fringe 2020) before embarking on a fringe festival tour in 2021.

Our current show BAD BOY DISCO debuted at Camden People's Theatre as part of their 2021 SPRINT Festival, and we're trying to get bookings for this year, so book us please? Diolch yn fawr.



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Luke Seidel-Haas

Frankie-Rose Taylor