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Emily Seidel-Haas


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Alice Rush


Luke Seidel-Haas

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Frankie-Rose Taylor

We’re a Cardiff based theatre company and when we’re feeling fancy we say we make “DIY autobiographical performance art” but often we just say we are four friends pissing about on stage while people pay to watch.

The cornerstone of our company, and friendship, is play as a form of resistance. Our shows are high energy, silly, often emotional, always fun. We think this is the best way to have important conversations. As a disabled, neurodiverse, working class, queer led company we exist to challenge what theatre is and who it's for - to break down the barriers that people find when trying to access arts, and create spaces that we all feel welcome in. We're inspired by real people and real stories, using performance to connect directly with our audiences and do away with tired theatrical conventions. Who needs a fourth wall, anyway? Give us direct participation, we'll give you free beer: deal?

Our debut show Back to Berlin premiered to sell-out audiences in London in 2019, enjoyed a sold out transfer to The Other Room Cardiff in 2020, and toured around multiple UK fringe festivals in 2021. 2021 also saw us debut our second show, Bad Boy Disco, at Camden People’s Theatre, London. And yes, you guessed it, it sold out.

Since then we’ve been focusing on developing Bad Boy Disco. We had Arts Council Wales funding in 2022 to develop the show supported by The Other Room, where we then sold out (this sounds like a lie by now, we swear it isn’t) a 3-night run. 

Alongside our own work, we have also debuted The Itchy and Scratchy Night, a brand new scratch and work in progress night for performance makers and companies. We’ve held two of these events so far, supporting 7 artists with space to explore their ideas, a chance to get work in front of an audience, and we’ve also paid them for their time which we feel is really important. Both of these nights (okay, last time) sold out, which just proved to us how important this kind of supportive experimental space is.


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