As lockdown rages on, here at CB4 we are trying to keep the creative juices following by starting to develop some possible ideas for a new show. We want all our work to centre real people and real stories, so we would love to hear from you (yes you).

Are you a fan of a creative product and have found out that the creator is ‘problematic’? This could be finding out a member of a favourite band is abusive, a writer has a different political ideology to you, or a film you love stars an actor who is has some sketchy morals. We would love to talk to you. How has is changed your relationship with the thing? Can you separate the art from the artist?

If you have something to say, we would love to briefly interview about your thoughts. So drop us an email, slip in to our DMs, or comment on one of our social media posts, and we will be in touch.

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